Ati Motors’ Sherpa is the only autonomous industrial vehicle in this class globally that delivers autonomy for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. This increases the operational space from factory floor to yard level autonomy and also in-campus road network.

This superior operational capability is achieved through a complete ground up design that includes designing the physical vehicle, electric drive train and the autonomy stack together for optimization across layers.

The result is a purpose built stack which delivers superior performance while being highly energy efficient and cost competitive.

The original algorithms help achieve robust autonomy in various lighting conditions (including complete darkness), floor quality (including chipped, rough or oily) and gradient. There are no infrastructure aids required and even lane markers are optional. While this makes autonomy accessible to many existing Indian facilities that could not deploy such solutions, it also delivers superior results in modern environments.


3D Advantage
Industrial robotics platforms are still stuck in the past with assumptions of 3D LIDARs being unaffordable. Sherpa uses 3D LIDARs in a similar fashion as public road autonomy platforms but with original algorithms suited for the industrial environment. It sees much more of the world compared to a 2D LIDAR’s worm’s eye view and makes for robustness across a variety of environments.

Integrate Easily
Sherpa is an Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT ready product. Its advanced API allows integration with other IoT products and ERP systems. Real time monitoring is available, and analytics can be easily exported into the reporting system of choice. The hardware platform itself is extensible to allow mounting of racks, sensors, robotic arms or conveyors. Easy interfacing for both power and connectivity requirements exists.