The core iterative process at Ati is to model, simulate, prototype and test. A senior engineer candidate at Ati motors will have demonstrable skills in modelling engineering problems mathematically, simulating them, and iterating the models with real life tests.

As part of a small team, the person must bring experience in a particular sub-system of an autonomous vehicle and be willing to quickly master new areas. Reading research papers, meeting external experts to supplement internal knowledge would be part of regular activities.

Each person in the Ati team will an individual contributor, while being a mentor to others when needed. Teams will be formed dynamically as the product needs evolve and wearing multiple hats is important. A person could be a leader in one team, a contributor to another, or have a support role in a third one.

We are looking for the following experts:

  • AI Researchers: applied research in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Experience with reinforcement learning will be preferred.

  • Power Electronics Engineer: ability to work all the way from electronic hardware design to firmware programming in the area of power electronics. Experience with any of battery, battery management systems, motor and motor controllers will be useful.

  • Systems Engineer: expertise with writing systems software, device drivers, low level Linux programming. Experience with protocols like CAN, 802.x will be handy.

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